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SiON Sound AS3 – example 1

Posted on: August 5th, 2011

I´ve been playing around a bit with the excellent sound framework made by Kei Mesuda called SiON

This example uses SiON in its simplest way, playing two jazzy chords when the user clicks the stage

Get the swc / source:

To get started you need to head over to SiON Spark

Example 1 – Jazz SiON non standard voice:

Click stage for sound:

// Sample for event trigger
	import flash.display.*;
	import flash.events.*;
	import org.si.sion.*;
	import org.si.sion.SiONData;
	import org.si.sion.SiONVoice;
	import org.si.sion.utils.SiONPresetVoice;

	public class Sion extends Sprite
		public var composer:SiONDriver = new SiONDriver();
		public var melody:SiONData;
		public var presets:SiONPresetVoice;
		public var voice:SiONVoice;

		private var _on:Boolean = false;

		function Sion()
			stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playSound);

		private function playSound(e:MouseEvent):void
			var sheet:String;

			if (! _on)
				sheet = "t100;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [b+2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [f+2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [c+2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [g2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [o2a2]1;";
				sheet = "t100;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 t100 [b2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [e2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [c+2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [f+2]1;";
				sheet +=  "%3@8 [o3d2]1;";

			presets = new SiONPresetVoice();;
			voice = presets['valsound.bells2'];

			melody = composer.compile(sheet);

			composer.sequenceOn(melody, voice, 0, 0, 1, 1);

			_on = ! _on;

/ Nicolas


Posted on: November 26th, 2010

Morning! since it seems that there are at least 10 guitar playing flash developers out there I though I post a link to a game I did several years ago, its called FRETRIS THE FRETBOARD CHALLENGER , it´s really really hard and more a game for real guitar nerds who wants to learn the entire freatborad than a real game imo

Here´s the link