...ndid.se, the somewhat small but happy love child of
freelance designer & game developer Nicolás Delfino.
Knee deep in all that´s flash, loving iOS and getting down with jazz...

...last updated November 23, 2010

Welcome folks!

Since the quote on almost every single sub page of our site basically says that we´re a small business I thought I take the oppourtunity, this being the about section and all, to explain the meaning of the quote.

Here it is (…just in case you missed it):

…ndid, a small and happy firm in love with big challenges. specialized in interactive websites and rich media applications, involved in everything from design to the final end result…

Allright so the whole small and happy part really comes down to 2 things:

  • First of all I´m basically the only one working in ndid.
  • I get to do what I love: sit in the same place for hours feeling that I need to learn more, occacionally standing up for a 10 minute break where I complain about not knowing enough…