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Working impossible deadlines
Posted on: December 13th, 2010

Working freelance means that you constantly need to take on new work to keep you going and pay rent.

This isn’t nescessary a bad thing, it’s just the way things are, and though freelancing is a breeze most of the times, sometimes you find yourself with a bit more on your plate that you first bargained for.

I’m refering to when you find yourself accepting a project the wrong way, ignoring the important things like reviewing the facts and material concerning the project you’ve just been offered.
This happened to me recently, and without going into details I can say that I´ve learned a valuable lessson. At least for the next couple of months…

Never accept a project with a short deadline just because someone says it´s manageble or because you think it´s easy based on first impressions, without first making sure that all the itsy tiny details add up.

So before saying yes as fast as you can, you’ll be doing yourself and your boss a favour by taking the nescessary time needed to find out exactly what needs to get done.



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