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Design work in the Flash IDE
Posted on: December 1st, 2010

Though sometimes not the best option, I often prefer using the flash IDE for design work over photoshop / illustrator or fireworks. The main reason is that I love the way you can handle nested objects as movieclips in flash with multiple layers within.

Also naturaly over the years I´ve gotten fast at it and had the time to learn tons of shortcuts making design mockups in Flash a breeze.

This is all fine when working alone, the only real problem present itself when you´re working side by side with someone other than you writing the code for the site.

Over the years I´ve begged google numeral times to find me a way to easily export flash layers to photoshop without any luck, though there seems to be an abundant amount of information on how you go about doing the opposite. After reading tons of unanswered posts I finally learned that a native way of porting fla layers directly to photoshop doesn´t exists (and propably wont).

The solution since there isn´t one is equally clever as it is simple: become faster at exporting graphics ( I set up a custom shortcut ctrl + alt + e to handle this) and also faster at importing them ( use the same shortcut in photoshop to place the exported png ).

The main reason for me that I keep hanging on to flash like a desperate baby coala, despite the obvious obstacles, is that I work blazingly fast in Flash, fast and rutless – always have / always will.

That being said, I figure that the extra minute it takes me to manually export 10 layers over to photoshop are well covered.

Btw. photoshop / illustrator and fireworks rule to, in case someone actually reads this…

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